8 Best Horse Wormers

It’s Spring, and with the changing of the seasons comes horse health reminders: most importantly, time to worm. As temperatures rise, it’s important to remember that worms can reproduce quickly in warm conditions. This is why it’s always good to deworm horses during springtime.

A horse wormer is used to control internal parasites in horses. A worming treatment may be necessary when the horse has been grazing on pasture or hay that could have infected worms, or if the horse has a history of being infested with worms.

There are many different types of wormers available and choosing one can be difficult. The following are some factors to consider when choosing a wormer for your horse: effectiveness, safety for your animal, ease of use, and cost.

The following are the most common wormers used for horses during springtime.



1. Durvet Pyrantel Pamoate Paste Wormer — [5% Pyrantel Pamoate]

Durvet Pyrantel Pamoate Paste Wormer is easy to use and effective against large tapeworms in your horse’s intestines. The worm vaccine can be used on horses of any age or weight.

Durvet has been producing worm treatments since 1953 and was started by Dr. Robert Durve to make livestock products more affordable for farmers and horse owners.

It’s an effective treatment against large roundworms, pinworms, large strongyles (such as Strongylus Vulgaris), small strongyles, tiny stomach worms, large night-feeding redworms (including the species that causes bots), and lungworms.

Durvet Pyrantel Pamoate Paste Wormer kills harmful worms in horses’ intestines. This effective wormer is applied to the horse’s skin as a paste. It is convenient and easy to use.

Durvet Dewormer Paste contains 5% pyrantel pamoate which quickly loosens up roundworm larvae so they can’t lock onto or penetrate intestinal walls, resulting in their expulsion from the body naturally during manure once the feed has been ingested; it also helps eliminate pinworms by making eggshell membranes so fragile that they crumble away within minutes after the horse ingests a dose.

The paste wormer is first applied to where the hair lies against the body (muscle) on your horse’s withers and between its shoulder blades, then rubbed in until it disappears. This product works quickly to eliminate harmful intestinal worms from your horse while keeping him safe from accidental exposure or reinfection through pastures and other areas with potential contamination.

When treating an infected horse, give additional doses of Durvet Dewormer Paste about 10 days apart for 2-3 treatments to ensure that all parasites have been eliminated. Your veterinarian may recommend treating cattle, goats, or sheep as well as horses when using this horsetail drench.

It can be used during springtime, which is the generally accepted time for deworming and worming a horse because worms tend to be active during this time. The paste wormer has no odor, it’s convenient and easy to apply with great results.


  • Easy to use and effective
  • Works quickly
  • Contains no odor
  • Keeps horse safe from accidental exposure or reinfection
  • Apple flavored
  • Contains 5% pyrantel pamoate
  • Suitable for spring season


  • A bit pricey

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2. Panacur Horse Wormer — [10% Fenbendazole]

Panacur Horse Wormer is dispensed in the form of a gel, which makes it easy for horse owners to apply their medication. This drug spreads over the surface of an animal’s skin and disrupts the life cycle of larvae within a few minutes. Most parasites are eliminated from horses within 3-5 weeks after beginning treatment with Panacur Horse Wormer; however, some lice may take up to 30 days to be cured.

Panacur Horse Wormer is an excellent product for eliminating the most common types of worms found in horses. Horses are subjected to many different kinds of parasites, including roundworms and tapeworms.

However, the drug works not only against these intestinal worms but also against lungworts, lice, and mites. Depending on which kind of parasites your horse has, Panacur Horse Wormer can be used as a treatment or prevention medicine.

These are perfect for use during spring, when the weather is warming up and horses are becoming more active again, increasing their risk of exposure to parasitic worms.


  • Quick and easy to administer
  • Effective against common parasites found in horses
  • Best for both treatment and prevention
  • Contains 10% Fenbendazole
  • Can be used during spring


  • Occasionally may not work against rigged worms
  • Sometimes damages sensitive tissues around the teeth and mouth



3. Ivermectin Paste Dewormer — [1.87% Ivermectin]

Ivermectin Paste Dewormer is a safe and highly effective product for combating worms in horses, with no reported side effects. It kills more than 50 different species of parasites that your horse may be carrying, including pinworms and roundworms.

Additionally, this Dewormer can help to combat internal equine gastrointestinal infections or laminitis by the removal of the worms from the stomach area. It is best administered before the breeding season in the spring so horses can be parasite-free for mating season. This way owners can rest assured that when foals are born they will be parasite-free, allowing them to develop their immune systems properly.

It is most effective against the most common equine parasites. Using this product is simple; just mix the recommended dosage with wet feed and serve daily for three days. The directions specify that horses should be dewormed every six months.

The taste of Ivermectin Paste Dewormer is pleasant, which makes it easy to administer – even to picky eaters and young foals! One important fact about using this treatment is that all horses in the barn need to be treated at the same time so as not to worsen the infestation.


  • Starts working after the first 48 hours
  • Kills more than 50 different species of parasites with a single dose
  • Easily administered with paste gel
  • For oral use in horses only
  • Tastes good [Apple flavored]
  • Super affordable
  • Best for spring use


  • Should be done in the spring before breeding season
  • Doesn’t work on mites

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4. Bimeda Equimax Horse Wormer — [1.87% Ivermectin & 14.03% Praziquantel]

Equimax Horse Wormer is a powerful wormer that tackles tapeworms, roundworms, and other worm infestations. It comes in three strengths for horses of all ages and weights: Contains 1.87 % Ivermectin & 14.03% Praziquantel.

The Equimax series takes on these worms effectively with proven parasite control medicines like ivermectin to remove them from your horse’s stomach lining. This medication does not have the same negative side effects as stronger chemicals, making it an excellent alternative for sensitive animals or when multiple treatments are needed because there isn’t time to flush out before another treatment is applied with vet-administered drugs alone.

It also offers a more reasonably priced alternative to some of the other equine worming medicines on the market that can cost as much or more than a veterinary visit. Since it is administered easily without having to go out of your way, this preparation is great for horse owners who don’t want to shell out big money and instead are willing to pay something less expensive for convenience and reliability.

The Equimax series only needs to be used once per year, while traditional treatments typically must be applied every 6 months during heavy worm seasons. Its powerful ingredient ivermectin works in just 24 hours to get rid of these nasty parasites with fewer side effects than most other worming products and medications, making it ideal for horses susceptible or resistant to other worming substances.

It can even be used on pregnant mares who are carrying foals without causing them any harm or creating complications during the birthing process, making it an excellent option for those who are looking to take better care of their horses all year round and in between vet visits.

It’s suitable to be used in the springtime when the horse is at its most vulnerable to worm infestations because of being left outside more often and in unsheltered conditions.


  • Effective on all types of worms
  • Slows down the rate at which we need to worm our horses
  • Safe for pregnant mares
  • No cases of colic or other complications from the use
  • It contains 1.87% Ivermectin & 14.03% Praziquantel
  • Suitable for use in the spring season


  • Cannot be used during colder weathers
  • Horses need to stay in one place for 24 hours after application

5. Pfizer Strongid Dewormer — [Pyrantel Pamoate]

This Horse Wormer eliminates large roundworms, small strongyles, and pinworms from horses of all ages. These worms are found in the soil, water, or other materials ingested by a horse. These common worm types can cause colic or uncomfortable defecation issues for your horses.

Suppressing these will make them happier and healthier! The product delivers concentrated doses as needed to eliminate these parasites from your horse’s body and keep your horse on track for success. It is safe to use up to four times per year without damaging the intestinal lining and provides low-endurance horses with relief when worming isn’t an option.

It is best suited for use in spring to rid your horse of these pesky parasites. The active ingredient in this product is pyrantel pamoate which is safe to use on breeding mares. The creators have designed it so that less paste needs to be ingested by the horse for maximum efficacy.


  • Helps eliminate roundworms, small strongyles, and pinworms from horses of all ages
  • It provides concentrated doses as needed to eliminate these parasites
  • Does not damage the intestinal lining
  • Great for spring use
  • It is safe for use on breeding mares
  • Contains 2.89% pyrantel pamoate


  • A bit pricey



6. Merial Zimecterin Gold Dewormer Paste — [1.55% Ivermectin & 7.75% Praziquantel]

This horse dewormer helps to keep your horse free from the health threats of stomach worm burdens, pinworms, and other tapeworms. Ideal for both horses and ponies, the paste form of this dewormer is easy to use even on sensitive stomachs.

One box contains 15 milliliters of applicator tubes that can be administered orally or via injection. Effective in just a matter of days, this horse wormer also works quickly and effectively. If worms are present in your horse’s system, you will see them starting to come out after just one day! At that point, you can confirm that your horse is worm-free and continue using Zimecterin Gold Dewormer Paste as needed throughout the spring and summer months [or year-round].

This product not only kills off all types of worms but also treats lung worm infections which have been shown to cause pneumonia in infected horses.

The active ingredient in this paste wormer is Praziquantel, which has been shown to be effective against tapeworms, while the other ingredient Ivermectin kills off a wide range of stomach worms and intestinal parasites that your horse can pick up from grazing, drinking water you’ve not yet treated with a dewormer, and even playing with other horses.


  • Topical dewormer
  • Kills off stomach worms, tapeworms, and intestinal parasites
  • Easy to use on sensitive horses
  • Effective in a matter of hours
  • Easy to give orally or via injection (useful if you don’t have gloves on)
  • Contains 1.55% Ivermectin & 7.75% Praziquantel
  • Doesn’t upset your horse’s stomach


  • Only treats stomach worms, does not help with lungworms
  • Can cause negative side effects such as sweating, pinkeye, loss of appetite, sneezing, coughing/sneezing, colic, diarrhea, and nervousness or excitability. This can be common in horses that have never been dewormed before so it’s important to read over the packaging information carefully if you’re a first-time user with your horse.

7. Farnan IverCare Horse Dewormer — [1.87% Ivermectin]

This one is a safe and effective horse wormer. It’s the only one you’ll find that kills all six stages of equine intestinal worms: tapeworm larvae, bloodworm eggs, whipworms (including tapeworms), roundworms (including nodules), egg-shedding pinworms, and thread/lace worms.

Farnan IverCare will kill unwanted parasites with twice daily application to your horses’ coat while leaving friendly bacteria untouched down in the digestive system–keeping your horse strong from start to finish every day.

It is suitable to be used during springtime. It will help to prevent lungworms, bots, and all other intestinal worms. It’s the best horse wormer for springtime. Even though it is a liquid oral paste, Farnan IverCare Horse Dewormer Paste can be easily applied onto horses’ bodies.

If you’re looking for something that works well on all types of horses including those with sensitive stomachs or any other health problems then this one is perfect! It will make your horse feel better after just a few days of use. You should expect to see an improvement in performance within five days, especially if you’ve previously used stronger products like ivermectin pour-on dewormers.


  • Injectable tube of paste that is easy to use
  • Works on all horses, sensitive stomachs, and other health issues
  • Kills all intestinal worms in one dose
  • Works well in springtime
  • Contains 1.87% Ivermectin
  • Made in the US
  • Red apple flavored


  • None


8. Bimectin Ivermectin Dewormer Paste — [1.87% Ivermectin]

This dewormer is an excellent medicine for horse owners to get rid of many different types of worms, including large and small strongyles, pinworms ascarids hairworms, etc. It’s safe for use in pregnant mares, breeding stallions, and foals as well.

The syringe’s maximum dosage is 1250 lbs. for one horse and only a pinch of paste will be enough to cover the whole animal, with apple flavor acting as an appetite stimulant to make taking medicine competitive with their lunch.

It is also great for the treatment of respiratory worms and works well for horses with pastern dermatitis. There might be some side effects in some animals which include mild colic, diarrhea, or sluggishness. If you feel that your horse is experiencing any of these signs, it would be better to contact a vet, instead of discontinuing treatment altogether.

Overall this horse dewormer is one of the most popular choices among horse owners due to its effectiveness and ability to control a wide range of parasites at once. It is also great for spring use as it fights against intestinal worms that have been more common during the spring months.


  • Kills Large and Small Strongyles, Pinworms, Ascarids Hairworms, etc.
  • Safe for pregnant mares, breeding stallions, and foals
  • Acts as an appetite stimulant with apple flavor
  • Contains 1.87% Ivermectin
  • Apple flavored
  • Good for springtime use


  • Dosages must be precise (250 lb. increments)
  • Some side effects include mild colic or diarrhea


Which active ingredient is best for horse worming during springtime?



Ivermectins are currently the most effective and commonly used horse wormer. It kills the worms that live mainly in the intestine. This includes large roundworms, heartworms, and tape-worms. Ivermectin also attacks different types of intestinal roundworm larvae such as those found in hookworm infestations.

These horse wormer work by causing paralysis of the worms and death from dehydration whilst in their gut. The main reason for this is because ivermectins disrupt cellular membranes and cause hyperirritability.

Ivermectin appears to be more time-efficient. It starts killing the parasites within 30 minutes of ingestion. Since it quickly eliminates all stages of development, including adult parasites, which ultimately leads to the elimination of the entire parasite population within 24 hours. This goes a long way towards preventing the spread or reinfection by infected flies or other vectors.



Praziquantel is an active ingredient that is able to kill tapeworms and other parasites that have the potential to be found in a horse’s intestines. This includes Toxocara canis, Dipylidium caninum, Fasciola hepatic, and Toxascaris leonina. Praziquantel is a narrow-spectrum drug because it only targets parasites that have a limited range.



Fenbendazole is an ingredient that attacks most intestinal worms such as large roundworms, small strongyles, pinworms, hairworms, and whipworms. However, Fenbendazole does not kill tapeworms like Praziquantel.

Fenbendazole is a broad-spectrum product because it kills both stomach (gastric) parasites and intestine (intestinal) parasites that may be found in horses. This means Fenbendazole can be used on its own to effectively worm your horse without any other worming products if you want to give only one medication per worming session.

Another benefit of using Fenbendazole over some other wormers is that it starts killing the active ingredients within 60 minutes after being ingested by your horse. This means you may see the worms dying in the dung from using this product within 60 minutes of giving it to your horse.


Pyrantel pamoate

Pyrantel pamoate is an ingredient that kills large roundworms, pinworms, and hairworms. Unlike most of the other ingredients mentioned here, Pyrantel Pamoate does not work within a few hours to get rid of parasites. Instead, this ingredient must be given consistently for up to 30 days for it to kill certain worms, including adult worms.


A Fair Warning

Beware of using ANY type of wormer containing pharmaceuticals in pregnant mares or young horses with developing musculoskeletal systems as there is a chance they will suffer complications that may require surgical correction later on in life such as colic surgery.

Also – NEVER worm your wild horse herds unless you are absolutely sure they have been tested clear of equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM), sarcoids, and West Nile virus.