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Starting from Cape Spear, Newfoundland at the easternmost tip of Canada on May 4th 2014, with Lady my Newfoundland pony part-bred

Note the iceberg in the background!

On November 1st 2014 we successfully reached Trois Rivieres in Quebec province.

See 2014 blog posts for adventures on this stage!

Lady and me at Cape Spear

2015 restart planned for April.

For three months the ride will continue south through the Great Lakes area of south Ontario, following the Trans Canada Trail where possible and crossing into the USA at Detroit to head for Chicago.

In May 2013 I reached the westernmost tip of mainland Ireland at Slea Head on the Dingle Peninsula. All that lies behind me in the photo are the Blasket Islands and then North America.

And that is where I plan to continue in 2014, starting from its easternmost point at Cape Spear near St John's Newfoundland.

Dunmore Head


On Sunday July 22nd 2012 we arrived at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Greenwich to complete the ride from Beijing to London!

With the Kings Troop in Greenwich

Peng Wenchao, Rowena and me with King's Troop escort
Royal Artillery Barracks

I am carrying the Olympic flag which was presented to me in Beijing by the Chiinese Equestrian Association

On Wednesday August 1st 2012 I was honoured to be able to hand over the Olympic flag presented to me in Beijing by the Chinese Equestrian Association
to Keith Taylor Chairman of the British Equestrian Federation.
This was at a reception on the Cutty Sark in the presence of HRH the Princess Royal.

HRH the Princess Royal and Megan Lewis on board the Cutty Sark




The Long Horse Ride was originally conceived as as a journey on horseback from Beijing to London. It started out shortly after the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and arrived in London in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

The ride brought a message of goodwill from Beijing in the Beijing Olympic year to London in the London Olympic year. It also aimed to raise money for disadvantaged children through its chosen charity Challenge Aid.

From its official starting point at the China Children Charity Monument on the Great Wall at Badaling, it crossed the steppes, deserts and mountains of China and Central Asia, following the Great Wall and the ancient Silk Routes. In the path of the Mongols and Huns, it will skirt the northern shores of the Caspian and Black Seas, before the final leg through the fields and forests of Europe.

Megan and Rowena
with Bei Bei & Jing Jing

at the China Children Charity Monument
Badaling Great Wall
October 2008

In October 2008 we successfully completed the first trial leg of the ride from Laolongtou, where the Great Wall of China reaches the sea, to the charity monument by Badaling Great Wall in Beijing district.
In October 2009 we reached the other end of the Great Wall at Jiayuguan in Gansu.

In China we supported a charity project funding the education of migrant children in urban areas through the partnership of the British based charity Challenge Adi (formerly Schoolchildren For Children) and the China based charity China Children and Teenagers Fund.

With members of the Chinese Equestrian Association
at Cha Dao village, Badaling Great Wall
the end of the first stage.

The second stage of the ride started on April 19th 2009 with an Opening Ceremony at the 2nd Guangting Endurance Competition, when we were presented with Olympic flags by the President of the Chinese Equestrian Association and a representative of the Chinese Olympic Committee.

Official opening ceremony of the Sino-British International Friendship Ride

April 19th 2009

On our Shandan horses - Megan in red on Bajiu, Peng Wenchao in yellow on Zorbee

Following a delay of three months following my riding accident ten days later, we arrived at Jiayuguan Fort, the official end of the Ming Great Wall of China, on 21st October 2009. The wall in fact continues for another few kms, and we rode to the very end the following day.

Peng Wenchao and Megan
on Zorbee and Shandan
arriving at Jiayuguan Fort,
the western end of
the Great Wall of China.
21st October 2009

On April 7th 2010 we set off again from Jiayuguan to cross the Gobi desert and the Tian Shan mountains, reaching the Chinese/Kazakh border at Korgas on June 11th 2010. In doing so we have successfully completed the China stage.

Arriving at Chinese border post, Korgas

Megan with Bajiu and Zorbee arriving at
the Chinese border post, Korgan.
China/Kazakhstan border
June 11th 2010

Unfortunately Peng Wenchao was not present as he had to return to Beijing ten days earlier due to illness in the family.

On August 17th 2010 I set out from the other side of the Chinese/Kazakh border, reaching my 2010 aimed destination of Kyzlorda on October 11th 2010. In April 2011 Rowena and I set out on the next leg of the ride across the Kazakh steppes and past the Aral Sea to Atyrau.

Arriving in Europe

Rowena and Megan riding Bolashak and Zorbee arrive in Europe on May 22nd 2011 after crossing the bridge over the River Ural in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

On May 30th 2011 I arrived at the Kazakhstan - Russian border to complete the crossing of Kazakhstan.

On 29th August 2011, I started riding from the Kazakhstan/Russia border, reaching Ukraine on September 19th. After a short break in Donetsk I set out again on 26th September 2011 to ride across Ukraine, arriving at the Hungarian border on November 12th.

The final stage of the ride started on March 23rd 2012 from the Hungarian border. I spent about four months riding across Hungary, Austria, Germany and France to the English channel to complete the first recorded coast to coast crossing of Eurasia by horse.








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